Level up your conscious sailing or vanlife game with a compost toilet: 5 reasons why it’s the environmentally-friendly choice! + Special Ocean Nomads Deal

A dog sits next to a toilet box in front of an RV, highlighting the environmentally friendly choice of a compost toilet.

Living a nomadic lifestyle whether on the high seas, on wheels, or off the grid requires a unique set of solutions to everyday challenges. One such challenge is the management of human waste. The traditional flush toilet system is usually not a viable option due to its water and electricity demands. However, there’s a sustainable, practical, and eco-friendly alternative: the compost toilet. 

Here are five solid reasons why you should consider having a compost toilet if you’re a sailor, vanlifer or someone living off-grid.

A dog sits on a rock next to a toilet box.

1. It’s eco-friendly and resourceful! 

No chemicals needed. No water needed. And no electricity needed. By turning waste into nutrient-rich compost, you’re doing your part to protect the environment. Also the ocean

2. It’s cost-effective. 

No more spending money on expensive plumbing systems or dealing with sewage issues. 

3. It’s convenient. 

Especially beneficial for those in vanlife or sailing communities, compost toilets are portable and easy to install. Unlike traditional systems, they do not require a complex sewage setup, making them a flexible choice for those constantly on the move.

Also, with a compost toilet, you’re no longer reliant on finding toilet facilities or toilet discharge facilities. 

4. It’s brings freedom!

One of the underlined freedoms of nomadic and off-grid living is the independence from mainstream infrastructures. With a compost toilet, you’re not attached to sewage systems, giving you a level of self-sufficiency that is both liberating and practical.

5. It’s easy to maintain!

No hassle, no mess – just simple and efficient waste management. All you need to do is empty it every 1-3 weeks (depending on your set-up) and that’s it.

Get excited about the compost toilet revolution and make it a part of your sailing, vanlife, or offgrid lifestyle today!

Special deal for Ocean Nomads

We have teamed up with the small German Compost Toilet business Kildwick for a special deal for our members to make composting toilet set up even more accessible!

Amongst the different compost toilet business that exists, we specifically teamed up with Kildwick Compost Toilets because of their simplicity, small local business, ethics, and options for different budgets, room sizes, and situations. A full on review is in the making. 

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Kildwick discount 10 % off.

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A picnic blanket with a white jug on it.
DIY Kildwick Compost Toilet


What is a compost toilet?

A compost toilet is a type of dry toilet that uses a biological process to break down human waste into compost-like material.

How is a compost toilet different from a regular toilet?

Unlike regular flush toilets, compost toilets require no water, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

How do I maintain a compost toilet?

Maintaining a compost toilet involves removing the compost once it’s full and ensuring a balance of green and brown materials for the best composting.

Is it safe and hygienic?

Yes, when managed correctly, compost toilets are safe, hygienic, and odor-free.

Where can I install a compost toilet?

They are ideal for off-grid living setups, vans, boats, or any other places where traditional sewage systems are impractical.

The journey towards a sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle requires the adoption of innovative solutions. A compost toilet is one of those steps towards reducing your environmental footprint while reaping benefits on both personal and global scales. Whether sailing the high seas, embracing vanlife, or dwelling off-grid, the time to make a change is now.

Many of of members already have a compost toilet. Here they shared their (DIY) tips, best practices, lessons learned, and a photo of their set up:). Join the conversation and compost toilet club! 

Do you have a compost toilet in your vessel, van or home? What’s your favourite benefit?


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