Mission accomplished, and to be continued… Sailing 400 Nautical Miles for Ocean Impact, Adventure, and Community with Mission Atlantis | Portugal

a group of sailboats sailing in the ocean.

From the last new moon until the June super full moon we have been sailing the coast of Portugal to raise awareness and act for ocean regeneration. We joined the team up with Oceans and Flow Portugal and sailed over 400 Nautical Miles to experience, celebrate, and activate ocean love, adventure, impact, and community.

What a bunch we were! Oceans and Flow selected a beautiful team of ocean advocates, creatives, athletes, entrepreneurs, and artists. Ocean Nomads was welcomed on board to facilitate the support sailing vessels, crew and navigation part of the mission. On different parts of the expedition we have been able to welcome ocean nomads members on board to join the mission. A total of 12 ocean nomads jumped on board one of the vessels to support and shine their light. As often, most crewing opportunities opened up rather spontaneous and last minute and we’re proud of our ocean nomads that just went for it! For some it was even the first sailing experience. And this was not a casual holiday sail. This was a serious ocean adventure. With a mission.

The expedition has been adventurous, ambitious, and not without challenges. The coast of Portugal is Atlantic ocean sailing and a voyage to be taken seriously and cautiously. But all together we pulled it off! The weather gods have been mostly with us, allowing us to enter and leave port for the different ocean impact events along the way.

Ocean friendly elements, beach cleans, eco actions, and as main event the film presentation ‘Program Atlantis’ featuring a youth education and awareness action program for a healthier ocean, have been integrated throughout the whole mission.

Thanks to the relentless work of Oceans and Flow team the expedition received a lot of press. We’ve been featured in different media outlets and even made it to the national television Sic Noticias.

And check out a little recap reel we made on instagram.

A huge thanks and admiration to Violeta of Oceans and Flow for creating the vision and skillful team for this mission. It has been a beautiful experience to be part of such a legendary team of dedicated souls. Thank you to all full on team members Chris, Gustavo, Francisco, Filipa, Jonatan, and salty doggy Wingo for their beautiful energies and superpowers, and a mega cheers to and respect to vessel captains Gerard and Sarah. They have put their homes, experience, knowledge, and big responsibility into the mix to make this expedition happen. They have done an admirable and responsible job.

Ocean Nomads vessel SV Nala of Anja and Hakan also joined the program where possible and amplified the impact, adventure and community vibes. Awesome that they welcomed fellow founding member Eddie on board! After being a member for a long time it puts a smile to our face he found a happy boat match locally. That’s one aim of our efforts, facilitate more meet-ups and team-ups, locally. Instead of flying to the other side of the world to make sailing adventures real. He shared about his experience:

“Ever since I was a teenager, I have dreamed of going to sea. From boats and adventures, from the connection to the ocean, to the power of the sea. I’ve been sailing a few times, sometimes in some of the most beautiful bays of the world. But last week I fulfilled a little dream of getting closer to my favorite ocean – the Atlantic with having a proper sailing experience on a lovely sailboat. This is where OceanNomads comes in as I have been able to connect with two fabulous people and a beautiful boat...” Read more about his experience here.

Thank you Johannes and Menno for helping delivery SV Castaway and for spreading the good vibes. And cheers to Patrick for courageously jumping as newbie on board! Community Captain Jacky joined the team in Lisbon. A big cheers to her for her continuous community contribution and first helming experience! Also Ocean Nomads’ ambassador Sophie (And poem writer :)) didn’t hesitate a second to jump on board, once again, and supported the mission and adventure sail from Cascais to Lagos.

Sophie at the Helm

Mission Atlantis has been an expedition aligned with the ocean nomads’ values of living with nature, the power of acting local, and driving people to connect with the ocean. For us it has been a beautiful experience co-creating, instead of organizing everything from scratch. By bringing people together and taking action to raise awareness we hope we sparked interest and inspiration in protecting and conserving our marine ecosystems. 

Navigating through an ocean of crabs. Have you ever seen that before?

We hope along the way many seeds have been planted leading to habits, actions, and a lifestyle contributing to ocean regeneration and action. The pursuit of a healthy ocean and lifestyle are one and the same. With the Ocean Nomads community we wish for you to see for yourself how beautiful the ocean are! And hopefully ignite the superpower within you to take steps into a conscious nomadic life in or near the sea. That’s why we do what we do, connecting you to the ocean and fellow ocean minded souls.

Up next: our biggest expedition so far. This autumn and winter we sail across the Atlantic ocean and Caribbean sea uniting ocean nomads in the wild. Learn more and apply now to jump on board! And keep an eye out for continuous and spontaneous sailing opportunities by members.

With Ocean Love, 


Explore a snapshot of the photos:

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